Fortnite Challenge Guide: Letter N, O, M, S Locations (Season 7, Week 4)

Fortnite is now in Week 4 of Season 7, which means there’s new challenges to do for those precious Battle Stars. Among the paid Battle Pass-exclusive challenges is a multi-stage one that begins by tasking players with search for the letter ‘O’ west of Pleasant Park. There’s a further three parts to this challenge, with each one requiring players to find a letter. While the game provides the name of the location where these can be found, we’ve got more specific details that’ll help you get to them quicker.

First up is the letter ‘N’, which under a frozen lake. One glance at the map and you’ll know that can be found in the bottom left of the island, but if you aim yourself to land at the grid reference C7 you’ll see there’s a number of black floor panels in the middle. Equip your pickaxe, destroy those, and you’ll fall into the area below where the letter can be found.

Next up is the ‘O’ in Pleasant Park, which is at the grid reference B4. You’ll need to look for the house, head left of the gate, and you’ll find it tucked away in the corner. Simply walk up to it, search it, and it’s on tot he next one.

After that, it’s the letter ‘M’ at Dusty Divot. This one is pretty easy to find as it’s at the very center of the forest at grid reference G6. In the top left of that grid block you’ll find a collection of what looks like metal containers and small white buildings, and there’s a door in. Pop inside and you’ll find the ‘M’ waiting in the corner of the room.

Finally, the letter ‘S’ is at Wailing Woods at grid reference I3. At the very center of the hedge maze is the wooden shack with the “Leave” sign on it. Smash the barrier directly below it and head inside, and you’ll want to find the room in the north with old computers and the colorful lockers next to them. In there is a smaller room where you’ll find the ‘S’ waiting for you. With that done, you’ll have collected all the letters, which spell “NOMS” and you’re done.

Fortnite Letter N, O, M, S Locations

  • Letter N: North of Polar Peak (C7)
  • Letter O: House at Pleasant Park (B4)
  • Letter M: Center of Dusty Divot (G6)
  • Letter S: Center of Wailing Woods (I3)

The other tricky challenge for Season 7, Week 4 involves taking out enemies at Expedition Outposts. We’ve put together a guide for exactly where you can find these outposts, and the the best way to give yourself the edge for when you get there.

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