Phil Spencer talks Microsoft’s new studios and its commitment to PC gaming in 2019

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What are you talking about specifically? Everybody knows their first party output has been anemic. But they have made the changes that one would expect would need to take place in order to improve in that area. There’s no purpose in continuing to bash them over and over about things that have already happened and can’t be changed. They’ve opened new studios and bought a good number of studios and that’s exactly what they needed to do. Now we just have to wait to see what kinds of games will come out of that. It’s true we don’t know how it will all turn out exactly, but I can’t envision any scenario that these charges don’t result in some kind of notable improvement in their first party output.

On the other hand, if you’re implying that Microsoft putting their exclusives on both Xbox and PC is somehow hurting Xbox owners I strongly disagree. Their weakness has been not having enough good exclusives, not that their exclusives are available on both of the platforms they’re invested in.

People that want a console will buy a console and people that want a gaming PC will buy/build a gaming PC. Aside from people heavily invested in imaginary system wars who want exclusives merely to use as ammo against other platforms, normal gamers would never care if a game can be played on another platform, they just want to play the games they want to play on the platform of their choice.

PC gamers might buy a console but generally it’s just to play the exclusives that aren’t available on PC. It could be argued that gamers having to buy an extra piece of hardware just to play a small number of exclusives held hostage on the console isn’t a good thing. MS putting their games on both Xbox and PC brings mostly positives with it. PC gamers get to play more games, Xbox gamers don’t lose those games, those games have a much larger userbase to sell to, the games have the potential to earn more money and encourage investment in more games, and player counts for crossplay games can be larger.

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