Borderlands Dev Releases Another Teaser, And This One Really Looks Like Borderlands

Gearbox Software is headed to PAX East later this month in Boston, and the developer will apparently have a lot to show and discuss. The studio has now released a third teaser image, and this one really looks like Borderlands.

A pixelated photo posted to Gearbox’s Twitter account shows what appears to be a Borderlands character staring at … something in the distance. Despite being fuzzy, the image seems to depict a Borderlands-like setting.

It’s a decidedly different look from the teaser image released earlier, which shows some kind of robotic creature on an operating table. That teaser image doesn’t contain the kind of cel-shaded presentation that the Borderlands series is known for.

Interestingly, today’s teaser, and the one released the day prior, were labeled as teaser images for “another game” to be revealed at PAX. This suggests that Gearbox may have two or more games to reveal at the show.

In addition to operating as a development studio, Gearbox is a publisher as well. The company most recently published We Happy Few and Bulletstorm: Full Clip, so it’s possible Gearbox announces a published game at PAX East in addition to the expected Borderlands 3.

Whatever Gearbox has to reveal, it’ll likely happen during the company’s panel at PAX East’s biggest hall. That panel, to take place on March 28, promises “never-before-seen reveals, exclusives, and surprises.” It will also be live streamed for those not attending the Boston, Mass. event.

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