Star Citizen Video Shows Impressive Character Customization; Crowdfunding Passes $221 Million

nyu114h ago(Edited 14h ago)

About character customization – That character customization doesn’t give you the most control (it always has to be a blend of the available heads in the database), but it maintains the quality and animation capabilities of the scanned heads. Not to mention things like being able to take ANY actor’s detailed face capture performance and put it on any NPC (and it just works flawlessly). Attachments are also made to conform to any head, no matter if it’s shape is drastically different.

For people who like to geek out about this stuff, CIG had an awesome panel on this. Very cool stuff in there:…

The DNA system and runtime rigging itself was developed by 3Lateral, whom CIG worked with. They presented a talk at GDC earlier, although this is not as impressive as the previous link : –…

3Lateral have now been acquired by Epic Games. So expect these capabilities to become standard in Unreal Engine after some time. Future is exciting for digital characters.

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