This 256GB (!) iPhone-compatible flash drive is now under $80

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I remember when a 1GB SD card would set you back hundreds and hundreds of dollars, but now? You can get a 256GB flash drive that also works with iPhones and iPads, for under $80. Yes, friends, let us all get to our knees and worship to the SanDisk 256GB iXpand.

If, like me, you haven’t forked out for a brand new iPhone with tons of storage, I’m sure you’re well-acquainted with this message:

I’d also hazard a guess that you don’t really want to go through your photos and delete a bunch of them, right? Well, there’s a solution: the SanDisk 256GB iXpand.

This little fella has a lightning connector, so it slots right into your iPhone or iPad. You can then quickly transfer files off your phone, so you can keep on taking photos and videos, as well as receiving spicy memes on WhatsApp with utter impunity. Hell, you can also set the iXpand to automatically back-up your files, so you don’t need to bother working out what to transfer.

The iXpand flash drive also has a USB connector, meaning you can easily get files off your Apple devices onto your computer. Or you can just use it like a normal USB drive. What a world.

At the time of writing, you can get the SanDisk 256GB iXpand for only $77.15 – its lowest price ever. I mean, it was selling for $249.99 on occasions at the end of last year.

So, stop worrying about your at capacity iPhone and go and buy yourself the SanDisk 256GB iXpand. You’ll have a great time with all that extra space on your device. Promise.

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Published March 28, 2019 — 10:45 UTC


Product256GB iXpand Flash Drive by SanDisk

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